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CPMotorworks, Inc.'s fully adjustable cylinder head fixture for knee mills.  Features an all-steel construction, easy to setup and adjust. This is the most rigid fixture you will find for doing cylinder head work on your vertical mill or surfacing machine!  After 5+ years of sales around the world and many different styles of heads mounted, the CPM HF-2400 has proven to be the preferred setup for many shops!

$2475.00* complete, boxed and shipped to your door in the Lower 48 States!!
We will gladly ship outside the USA- please contact us for a quote !
Need a custom application? Not a problem!! We can customize to suit your needs!
Below is a map of current fixture owners around the world. 
Let us add your business to this map!

*We accept most major credit or debit cards via Pay Pal for your convenience, or choose to pay via check in the mail and save $75

Part No.# CPM-HF2400
Includes fixture, removable spacer, braces, head mounting hardware (3/8-16,5/16-18, and 8mm), T-handle hex wrench, and 4 T-studs and nuts for table mounting hardware.
$2475.00 Thru PayPal
Manifold Adapter Plate for 4150/4500 0 degree carb flange- #CPM-0-4150/4500 =$100
Mazda Miata Head Adapters- # CPM-MIA=$100
3 DEG Wedge Adapaters - #CPM-3DEG-WEDGE $125
Diesel Head Bar for Cummins, Ford, Duramax heads- #CPM-DBAR=$600.00 separately
HD Twin Cam head Adapters- #CPM-HDTC=$200.00

"I can't say enough about this fixture... I am very rough with it... doing a bunch of things that probably make Pete cringe... and the thing doesn't so much as flinch!  I love everyway!  Great fixture Pete!  Worth every penny...and then some." 

"I had an engine builder up last week that dared me that I couldn't surface .125" off of a set of SBF heads and provide 50 RA or better and do it under a half an hour. needless to say...he took your phone number and HQT's with him. Single cut, .125" 2:47 sec., 9 RA that is a sight to see that makes the aluminum RAIN!"

 Dennis Wheet of Air Flow Development

"Two words, WOW and AWESOME! Pete, your workmanship and quality is above and beyond! I like that, pride in your work! "  Chad Speier of Speier Racing Heads 5-11-09

"Like I said before,it's the best fixture I have ever used,do heads on the mill,seats,guides,mill intake face,mill head etc. Thanks Pete."   Dean Purks of Kryptinite Racing Engines 5-11-09

"All i can say is WOW!!! You are the man, what a nice, user friendly fixture you have designed & manufactured. The pictures are good, but when you open the box in person it jumps out & grabs you. Thank you Pete for all your help, advise and honesty, this is money well spent, sorry i did not get to you sooner but i was out of the shop all weekend, including Friday when it showed up rite on time. We are so impressed im lost for words..... I just wanted you to know I waited 2 years to get your fixture and man was it worth the wait. (not your fault i waited 2 years, that was on me). Thank You Again Pete!!"
Byron Raney
Raney Racing Engines
W.F.O. Motorsports

*Patent Pending*

We do our best to keep fixtures in stock, but due to demand please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.  We are a small shop and make these by hand, we thank you for your patience and understanding.  Charges for order applied at time of purchase.  Please call or email us to place your order and discuss your needs. 

608-290-4456 or

2-4 weeks for delivery from date of order
New - We are now equipped with a CNC mill to help reduce lead times.


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